Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Snow usually falls every day. Some days we get more snow than others. Ohio cut back the number of snow days a few years ago when the state legislated a longer or more school days. They opted to cut back from five to three snow days instead of starting earlier or ending later. (Ohio also doesn't have as many holidays like the fall break that we have grown accustomed to.) With the really crazy weather right before Christmas, they used all of the snow days up already. Typically, around MLK the weather gets bad enough to be out of school. Luckily, we haven't had the snow for that this year, but I am reminded that January AND February are the two worse months. One almost done and one to go! Now the snow days come if there is more than 18 inches overnight or white out conditions are present. So getting out of school for snow is very rare! We just go about our business in the snow. The powers that be are now discussing adding back the other 2 snow days- we will see. Until then lots of hot chocolate, warm clothes and thankful for heating.

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