Tuesday, January 25, 2011

School and Other Activities

Mary Louise is doing fine in school. It is different so she is still learning the routine and expectations. She is telling time, counting money and regrouping 2 digit numbers. Next week, she has a report about tigers to present to the class. (The mascot for the high school is the Tiger. Teaching school spirit starts very young here- Lots of links between the high school and the younger schools evidently). She has been reading some books about tigers and gathering her notes. The report is basically a form to complete with some specific questions and then writing some facts about the tiger. She also has to make a poster or a model of the animal. Of course, she already has some ideas about this. We are waiting for her to be tested and trained to do SRA. I don't think this school does AR but SRA. Her class has smart boards and tables. She enjoys playing math games on the tables. She is doing fine.
Forrest goes to Preschool story time on Mondays. I personally think he is bored with it or maybe Mommy being there dampens his independence. He likes the stories and will share with them but he doesn't want to play the games or participate in the music. On Mondays, both kids go to a sign language class at the library (Have I shared that this library is amazing!?) He enjoys the sign language class and can sign his name and several other words already. I love sign language. It was one of the best things I ever did with both of them as babies. Baby signs were great and now this should be good for them. I want them to have an appreciation for their senses and not take for granted the ability to see, hear and talk with spoken words. I want them to have empathy for those who can't and to be able to help them and connect with people who rely on sign language for communication.
Forrest and I have found a few other activities in the area to attend to learn something and/or to play with others. Mommy and Forrest both enjoy the Thursday morning Bible study at a local church. He actually gets the My First Look lesson from the previous Sunday. I love, love that because that is the material we used at our Milledgeville church. It is wonderful material!!!!
Forrest still has UPWARD basketball and soccer should start in late February. We are keeping busy and meeting new people while learning about the area.

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