Sunday, January 9, 2011


Daddy in the snow.

Forrest on his sled.

Somewhere in that snow is Daddy!

Mary Louise on the hill.

Forrest having fun in the snow.

Our first sledding experience was not as much fun as we had hoped. First, Mary Louise forgot her snow pants. Mommy didn't catch that one until we had already left the house. Then the snow was really light, fluffy and deep. The sleds just sank into the snow. Unless you got a good running start, you didn't go very far. Mary Louise had a problem with this. Then the hill Mommy picked out, which was at Mary Louise's school, was not as steep as it needed to be. She thought it would be a good starter hill, but maybe not with this kind of snow. Mary Louise got cold quickly without her snow pants and ended up in the van with Mommy. Mommy was cold just standing at the bottom of the hill. It was a particularly cold day. Daddy took a turn and was almost buried by the snow. He made it down the hill but he got a good running start. Forrest did pretty well. He usually made it about halfway before stopping. We will go again.We will be better prepared and on a better hill. There are several good hills around the area. Sledding is just not as easy as it looks especially if the snow is very light and fluffy!

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