Sunday, January 9, 2011

Here We Are!

The trip to Ohio was very long! We left after getting the cats from the vet in SC around 8am. We drove thru lots of high wind in the North Carolina and Virginia mountains. It was a beautiful drive. We got to Ohio around 6pm. Everything was snowy and icy. We found our little house and got the kitties all settled before going to get dinner at a neat resturant- Quaker Steak and Lube (there is one in Douglasville)and then we went to Cleveland to get Daddy's car at the airport.

The moving truck came early the next morning. When we were moving out, Mary Louise and Forrest played outside and rode scooters until they had to be loaded. It was comfortable and nice outside. When we were moving in, it was cold and snowy. Riding scooters was not an option. Playing in the snow was fun until feet got wet and cold. Quickly, we knew we needed better gear to play outside. The snow melted by the weekend but more was to come.

We drove to Pittsburg, PA to an L.L.Bean store to get mom and dad new boots. That trip is like going to Atlanta from Milledgeville. We discovered that Mr. Rogers has a museum there so we know of at least one adventure to plan for a weekend or day out of school. The picture above is outside the store in Pittsburg. Daddy got boots that look like those and Mommy's are not as tall.

We went to a church in Cleveland called Momementum. It meets in a movie theatre. "They had kids ministry rooms in the movie theatre. The kids loved it."-Mary Louise.

There are more boxes to unpack or sort through to find the things we need in our little house and lots more to discover in the area. So here we are in Ohio at last. It is snowy and cold but we are all together again. Life will be an adventure.

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