Sunday, January 9, 2011

Shoveling Experts

We spend a lot of time shoveling snow. When we first got to our house, the snow was really deep on the drive and in the yard. Mommy shoveled early that first morning just to make sure the movers could walk everything in. Luckily, it melted later in the week and we discovered how wide our drive actually was. Now we are determined not to let the snow overtake us. We are probably a bit obsessive about it. Mommy likes to try to get the packed down snow from the tire tracks up but that is hard. Mommy usually goes out early in the am before Daddy leaves for work to shovel any snow from the overnight. Then we shovel again in the afternoon and again after the kids are asleep. We are the only ones it seems to be concerned about the snow. Mommy is sure everyone passing by (a busy road) can tell we "ain't from around here". We may just be a bit obsessed about keeping the driveway and sidewalks clean but it is really gratifying when the sun does come out and we can see actual pavement from the melting. We are getting to be snow shoveling experts. We have found that pushing the snow is much more effective than trying to lift it all up. We have devised efficient ways of shoveling as a tandem team. Shoveling at the end of the drive is a bit challenging with all the oncoming traffic, but never fear, we have figured out the best way and safest way to do that, too! Leave it to a Georgia Tech engineeer to come up with that one!
Yes, we know that snow blowers exist. But there are evidently different types of snow blowers and within those groups different qualities of blowers. They are all rather expensive. So Mommy's suggestion is to research what we need which will be determined on how much we actually will need to blow once we get our house (this one is a rental). And looking for one during the off season may save some money as well. Right now, it is a good workout. (Mommy should have great looking arms and shoulders by spring time). Besides what a sense of accomplishment when it is done and it is a good family activity.
Forrest is very helpful in shoveling the snow. He has volunteered to shovel the deck for Mommy. He did an excellent job and is very good at getting the sidewalk cleared.

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